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The Essential 3 Altar Candle Set

The Essential 3 Altar Candle Set

Protection, Love & Light, and Divine Guidance

I light these candles before I begin my Spiritual work. I find that by connecting with and asking for these 3 Essential Energies I set myself up for success with my Spirit Team; My Highest Guardian Angel, Guides, Ancestors and Ascended beings of Love & Light. This set will help to ensure you have the best energy on your side as you begin your Spiritual work or if you need to simply relax and connect with their natural beauty.

The ingredients are not meant to be burned and will last a very long time! You simply replace the tea light! The energy and intention of each candle will remain even after your tea light goes out!

**Crystals are NOT included**

The Essential 3 includes:

3 Glass Tea Light candle holders

3 Tea Lights

Minimum of 15 unique and intentional ingredients

Plus something extra special from me, of course!

    Excluding Sales Tax