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My name is Janeen Bonnay, owner of Bee Charmer's Metaphysical Shoppe.  I am a Certified Psychic Medium & Intuitive Tarot Card Reader.  I offer Private Virtual Readings, 1 on 1 Tarot Classes, and a variety of Metaphysical produts.  I have recently expanded to offer a large selection of high quality Crystals and Crystal Mystery Boxes!  As well as handmade Pendulums, Jewlery and Manifestation candles & Altar Kits!

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My Story

I have always been a sensitive person.  Growing up I thought hearing things about people in my head, just knowing things, or having the same dream about a past life every night for years was completely normal.  I'd find out at a rather young age that this runs in my family. You see, my Great Grandfather owned a funeral parlor and the family lived above it.  My Grandma would see the Spirit of whomever was going to be coming in, typically standing in the kitchen.  She would go to her father and tell him there would be a lady coming in today or a gentleman.  She was never wrong.  I remember being told the story of the woman in the kitchen; I could see her in my mind's eye too.  I could see the apartment above the viewing rooms and the stairs down to the kitchen.  I could see my Grandma, as a child, as she washed the stairs and turned to see the woman.  I didn't realize then the incredible gifts I had! 

I would go about my life after that without incident.  I never saw anything go creep in the night, never felt anything in an old house, but I always knew things or would hear things in my head.  A word, a phrase, a song lyric that fit too perfectly to not mean something.  That was until my Grandma's passing in 2002, she was my 1st paranormal experience that I could see with my own eyes.  When you see the light switch being flipped down you know the light bulb didn't blow when the lights suddenly turn off.  An electric Lift Chair can't go up if it's unplugged.  It was a wild night!

Fast forward a few years, my sister took me to see a Psychic in Kirtland, Ohio in 2010.  It was my 1st reading ever and she said to me, "I don't know why you're here.  You can do this.  You're the type of Medium every spirit would want to work with."  I thought, 'Yeah right lady!  I'm a bartender!'  She proceeded to tell me that it would take about 10 years but that I was going to do a lot of traveling, she could see me at the beach and living a lifestyle I couldn't even imagine at the time.  I never forgot her saying to me that "The best was yet to come."  I remember that reading as if it were yesterday, it made such an impact on my life.  And don't you know she was spot on too!  10 years nearly to the day of that reading my Spiritual Awakening would begin.  I travelled a LOT, I lived in Florida and worked at the best shop ever!!  I have that life that seemed so out of reach back then.  There's one thing though that I'm still looking forward to, the best is yet to come! 


If you have any questions about how to connect with me, or how to place an order, email me!  I look forward to connecting with you!

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