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My Services

  • 5 min

    11 US dollars

  • 15 min

    33 US dollars

  • 30 min

    66 US dollars

  • 1 hr

    111 US dollars

  • 4 hr

    222 US dollars

What should you expect:

Whether you book 15 minutes or a full hour I will use all of my gifts to provide you with the best possible experience.  This is your time with me!  If you have a particular area of life that you need some clarity on, let me know!  My main focus is helping you heal from experiences life has thrown at you, to validate those experiences and to empower you to make the best decisions for yourself and your future.   It is always my intention to deliver Divine messages of hope and healing and better tomorrows for you and those closest to you.  You should leave your appointment feeling lighter, more connected to yourself and your loved ones.   It is very important that I create a safe space for my clients.  I am LGBTQIA+ friend and family, so please let me know your pronouns! 


Code of Ethics:

I will not do readings for pregnancy, health, financial, or legal matters. You need to seek professional help in those areas.  While I may be able to pick up on those things happening in your life during our reading, I will never provide guidance on how you handle those situations. Again, please seek professional help.  I am not responsible for the decisions and actions you make.  You proceed upon your own free will. 


Your appointment will be recorded:

You can always opt out of this if you'd like!  Your video will be sent to you once it's uploaded with a unique password. 


Cancellations/Rescheduling your appointment:

 Absolutely no refunds will be given.  

I will work with you to rebook your session with me, however; I will only allow you to reschedule ONE time.  If you miss your rescheduled appointment you will have to book a new appointment with me.  Again, no refunds will be given.  So, help me help you and show up for your appointment! I understand things happen!  Email me and let me know if you need to reschedule.

I'd love to hear about your experience with me and share your testimonials with others!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with me!

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